ENFP - The Champion

People with an ENFP personality prefer the Extroversion, iNtuitive, Feeling and Perceiving factors according to the Myers-Briggs personality indicator. They are often referred to as the Champions or the Campaigners.

Both nicknames arise from their propensity to champion other people’s dreams and campaign to support and help them achieve their goals.

ENFPs are people-driven. They are outgoing and enjoy engaging with as many people as possible to forge intense relationships. Their curiosity leads the way, prompting them to explore new ideas and to meet new people and perspectives, even if they are completely different and contrary to their own values. 

The ENFP personality

People with this MBTI personality type are free-spirits whose main goal is to be happy and help everyone be happy as well. 

As curious extroverts, they tend to ignore what surrounds them and to focus on people in an attempt to know them deeply - their ideas, their personalities, their feelings, their true identity. They enjoy engaging in social interactions as much as possible because by talking and, especially, by listening they can learn new things every time and deepen the connection that unites them to others.

ENFPs never judge other individuals because that would be valuing some people’s ideas over others. Instead, they have an attitude of acceptance that prompts a sharing experience that feeds their curiosity. 

This non-judgmental approach also applies to other people’s dreams. They never dismiss any idea or ambition. On the contrary, they actively support them using their creativity to generate either abstract or concrete ideas that could potentially help others achieve their dreams.

Champions are lively, friendly, and spontaneous. They are usually the soul of the party, not because they enjoy the spotlight, but because they have a happy disposition and upbeat attitude. This combined with their open-mindedness, non-judgemental approach, and willingness to carefully listen to what everyone has to say draws people to them and it is hard to find someone that does not enjoy being in their presence.

The ENFP personality type is mostly focused on the outside world but not on mundane aspects. People with this personality are creative, imaginative, and passionate about their and other people’s dreams. Personal freedom is particularly important to them because it allows them to explore new paths, possibilities, and ideas.

The strengths

Curious and with a wide range of interests

ENFPs are not afraid to leave their comfort zone to explore new ideas and meet new people. They are knowledge-seekers. However, instead of satisfying their curiosity passively, through books, for example, they prefer to go out and engage in conversations with as many people as possible.

People are their primary source of interest because they understand that each individual is different and everyone carries different ideas, cultures, and ways of thinking. 


To Champions, every individual is important in their own way. This attitude of acceptance helps them forge deeper relationships with everyone they encounter. 

The knowledge they acquire through these experiences combined with their natural preference for intuition also makes them very perceptive. They can detect any shift of emotions and how others are feeling by interpreting the smallest of details in their behavior and posture.

Good communicators

ENFPs enjoy listening to others because that helps them satisfy their curiosity while creating more intense relationships. However, they also know when to talk.

Due to their altruistic, and perceptive nature, they can tell what others are feeling and adapt their behavior and speech accordingly to get their message across.

Friendly and optimist

Champions are normally appreciated by everyone, even by people with opposing personality types. Their enthusiastic demeanor and interest in getting to know other people and forging new relationships make them very well-liked and a source of inspiration to many. 

They tend to create a feel-good environment where negativity has no place. They are uplifted and want everyone to feel uplifted and happy too. 

ENFPs are also often perceived as reliable and as someone others can confide in without any fears of being judged. 

The weaknesses

Ignores mundane things

ENFPs are creative and abstract thinkers who want to live an exciting life, always discovering something and imagining new possibilities. Therefore, they tend to ignore and even dislike hard facts as they leave no space for questioning. Facts are facts, and they lose all motivation when facing them.

Champions normally stay away from mundane things and details, an attitude that may land them into trouble sometimes. For example, they struggle with anything related to organization (a mundane thing to them), creating a confusing environment that frequently leaves them feeling stressed and anxious.


ENFPs want to have good relationships and live in harmony with everyone. Although this is a positive trait in itself, they can often put these goals ahead of themselves as persons.

They might let others treat them badly just to avoid confrontation. They are also more likely to let go of what they want or let others ignore their desires as a compromise to maintain harmony.

Their willingness to maintain good relationships with others not only makes them submissive but is also a source of stress to them. Whenever someone seems to dislike them, they become worried and cannot stop thinking about what they might have done wrong and what they can do to fix it.

Too trusty

ENFPs are good people to the core. They want everyone around them to be happy and to forge deep friendships. They are also non-judgmental and accept every person regardless of their flaws.

Unfortunately, this can make them trust others to a fault, even when presented with proof that they are lying or simply wrong. They prefer to disregard any evidence, instead of accepting that others might be trying to wrong them.