ESTP - The Persuader

ESTP is one of the 16 personalities of the Myers-Briggs personality indicator. The individuals with this personality type show a preference for the factors Extroversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Perception.

As such, they tend to be outgoing, analytical, and logical, and to prefer flexibility and spontaneity over planning and schedules.

A person with an ESTP personality is often referred to as Persuader, Entrepreneur, Dynamo, and Doer, nicknames that reflect their main personality traits. The three last nicknames come from their action-oriented attitude, while the first one stems from the fact that they are observant, adaptable, and “fast-talkers'' which gives them the ability to persuade others with ease. 

The ESTP personality

Persuaders are the life of any party. They are outgoing, talkative, always in a good mood and they love being the center of attention. You can usually find them cracking jokes with everyone, strangers, and acquaintances alike.

Their preference for the Sensing and Thinking factors makes them extremely observant and able to detect and interpret the smallest change in body language or facial expressions of others. This helps them quickly adapt their behavior accordingly, to keep their audience engaged.

Although other personality types also find it easy “to read” other people, the ESTPs are by far the best at it. Sometimes, they can even pick up a mood switch before the interlocutors themselves become aware of it. 

This ability combined with their preference for concrete information and logical reasoning also makes these individuals exceptionally good in the art of persuasion. 

Interestingly enough, ESTPs only enjoy social interactions because they stimulate their mind and give them energy. They live for the here and now and are action-oriented. Persuaders prefer to be doing something right away rather than spending time chatting about other matters.

They tend to engage with everyone only on a superficial level to keep things fast-paced and exciting. To them, serious subjects or emotions are grounding, which prompts them to avoid or dismiss them to maintain their freedom.

In fact, freedom and spontaneity are of extreme importance to them. They prefer to improvise and keep all their options open, rather than being subject to plans. To them, rules are mere guidelines. They have no qualms about ignoring them to do or get what they want.

People with an ESTP personality are also the likeliest to engage in risky behavior. They are thrill-seekers who love to live on the edge. Persuaders want to enjoy everything with great intensity - the love, the passion, the pleasure, the drama, the danger. It is not the thrill per se that excites them, but rather the way it stimulates their logical minds.

The strengths

Quick at decision making

ESTPs are fast decision-makers. Their preference for the Sensing and Thinking personality traits means that they value facts more than abstract ideas and that they have a very logical and analytical mind. Their appreciation for spontaneity also gives them the ability to improvise with ease.

As such, when faced with a problem, they can quickly access the facts and devise a solution.


ESTPs are very focused on details, so much that they tend to ignore the broader view of any subject. Concentrating solely on fine points while ignoring the rest gives them a unique sense of perspective.

They can detect the smallest subtleties in their surroundings and in the way other people behave, which helps them quickly adjust their own approach to any situation.

Rational and practical

Persuaders give preference to the Sensing and Thinking personality traits. They prefer facts to abstract theories and are very rational and logical when assessing any situation and making a decision.

As action-oriented, this means that they tend to be very rational and practical in whatever they do. They devise a course of action and implement it right away, without losing time with “what ifs” or analyzing the ethical and philosophical consequences of their approach. 

Good at influencing and persuading others

Persuaders got this nickname because they excel at persuading and influencing people. They have the right set of skills and predisposition to do so.

As extroverts with a positive and friendly attitude, they naturally draw people to them. Their unique way of focusing on details and their spontaneity helps them quickly adjust their approach to keep people engaged and captivated. By always presenting fact-based and rational arguments, they are also more likely to win people to their side.

In combination, these skills make them exceptional at persuading people to do what they want.

Excellent in emergencies

ESTPs are great first-responders. They can quickly analyze the situation and the concrete criteria in front of them, make a decision and jump into action almost simultaneously. 

Persuaders are also not afraid of improvising and are not taken aback by unexpected situations. They can keep their cool and be rational at all times.

Bold and unafraid

People with an ESTP personality type enjoy a lifestyle with plenty of risks to stimulate their minds. To them, rules and regulations are mere guidelines and not prohibitions. 

Whether due to an emergency or simply for personal pleasure, they are always ready to endanger their lives to get what they want or need or to feel more alive than ever.

The weaknesses


ESTPs are action-driven and brave, which means that they tend to leap into any situation without stopping to think twice about the possible consequences.

This leads them to say or do things without thinking, often hurting people in the process while creating unpleasant situations for themselves.

Impatient and lacking focus

Persuaders enjoy a fast-paced life. They are constantly restless, going from one activity or audience to another, searching for excitement.

Any task or job that requires them to keep doing the same things or that imposes a certain routine is simply not for them. They lack the focus and the motivation for medium or long-term projects.

Waiting for something or someone is also likely to prompt ESTPs into a fit of rage. They have no patience, and they are not willing to slow down for any reason. Persuaders do not want to stop - they want others to match their rhythm to theirs, to keep everything more exciting. 

Their moral compass replaces the rules

For ESTPs there are no rules or obligations that can trap them or condition their spontaneity and freedom to do as they like. 

They are the personality type more likely to infringe the law or to disregard any kind of order. In fact, as risk-takers who are always looking for the next source of excitement, breaking the rules sounds very appealing to them. As the saying goes “the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest”.

Too risky

Despite having a rational and logical type of personality, ESTPs often engage in risky situations in their quest for excitement. 
They tend to completely disregard any sign of danger and plunge into any situation without thinking twice. And the more dangerous and extreme it is, the more exhilarated they feel.

Unfortunately, this also means that they tend to put their lives (and sometimes the lives of others) at risk quite frequently.