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Personality Types

Architect INTJ Analytical, strategic thinker, objective, responsible, dependable, and quiet.
Thinker INTP An analytical and objective thinker that does not enjoy the restrictions of planning.
Commander ENTJ A natural leader who is quick to find inefficiencies and innovative solutions, even if it means delegating.
Debater ENTP Curious, clever, and always motivated to find new solutions and to engage in a thoughtful and productive debate.
Advocate INFJ Creative, inquisitive, and dedicated nurturers. Are good at detecting others’ potential and promoting it.
Mediator INFP Adaptable, flexible and a pursuer of a better world… provided their values and beliefs are not threatened.
Giver ENFJ Responsible and empathetic. Has a keen eye to spot others’ potential and enjoys helping them grow.
Champion ENFP Energetic, imaginative, and always ready to help others fulfill their potential. Their enthusiasm is contagious.
Inspector ISTJ A procedure-lover that is logical, practical, thorough, and reserved.
Protector ISFJ Practical, conscientious, and loyal. They uphold traditions and have a natural predisposition to act as a caretaker.
Director ESTJ A natural leader that knows how to manage people and projects like no one. Hardworking and rule-abiding.
Caregiver ESFJ Highly attuned with emotions. A helper that is sensitive to others’ needs and works to provide for them.
Crafter ISTP Practical, direct, and effective - they lose no time in solving a problem.
Artist ISFP Gentle and friendly caretakers with a cheerful disposition. Flexible and spontaneous. Dislike confrontations.
Persuader ESTP Practical, pragmatic, and energetic, with a hands-on approach. A “learn by doing it” supporter.
Performer ESFP Exuberant, spontaneous, and outgoing. Loves life and all the good things of it - people and material comfort included.

Big Five Personality Traits

The Big Five is a personality model that identifies five big personality dimensions: extraversion (also spelled extroversion), agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism.

It was first proposed in 1949 by D. W. Fiske and subsequently developed by behavioral psychologists. It is currently the most widely accepted and used theory to explain the structure of personality.  It is often used in an organizational context as a predictor of performance and professional satisfaction.

The Big Five recognizes specific personality traits according to the individual’s score in each dimension.

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Skills Assessment

The study of competencies, or soft skills, first came to prominence at the beginning of the 70s, with the publication of David McClelland “Testing competence rather than intelligence”. In it, McClelland proposed that there was more to the capacities of each person beyond their socioeconomic and educational background. 

His work has been complemented ever since and nowadays skills assessment has come to include the analysis of personality traits, aptitudes, and interests, to become a more accurate predictor of performance and organizational efficiency.

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Intelligence, as a global concept, is the result of the combination of different skills and abilities. Take these tests and have fun discovering more about yourself, your mind, and your intelligence.

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