top skills to put on your resume
6 Top skills to put on your resume

Nowadays, even if you have the experience and the knowledge to fulfill a certain position this does not immediately grant you the attention of a company. Recruiters are now sifting through an array of suitable candidates looking for a set of capacities that can bring added value to the company …

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Dimensions of the PAPI test
The 7 dimensions of the PAPI test

The Personality and Preference Inventory (PAPI) is a personality assessment test designed to support human resource management. It is mostly used in counseling and discussion sessions by organizations during the recruitment process.

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tips to improve your skills
8 Tips to improve your skills

Looking for ways to improve your skills is the first step towards personal growth. It means you recognize that you still have an unexplored potential and you wish to work on it to become a better version of yourself. People looking to improve their skills may have different reasons to …

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improve your personality
9 Tips to improve your personality

Having a “good personality” is often crucial to integrate into society and be successful both professionally and personally. Even if our personality is what makes us unique, it is undeniable that certain traits tend to attract people while others shun them away. Being someone charismatic can even surpass having good …

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