ISTP - The Crafter

ISTP is one of the 16 personalities of the MBTI. It stands for individuals that display introverted, sensitive, thinking, and perceiving personality traits.

People with this personality type are often referred to as Crafters or Virtuosos because of their natural talent with tools and mechanics. They sometimes may seem aloof and too relaxed, but when they find a project that sparks their interest, nothing can stop them.

The ISTP personality

Crafters received this nickname because they are very handy with tools and have an intuitive understanding of machines. They normally can be found happy in their little world, either crafting new inventions or fixing any machine they find, be it a bicycle, home appliances, or even an old clock.

They prefer the sensing and thinking factors which means that, when analyzing a situation or an object, they focus on concrete details and information and that they are very rational and logical when making decisions. These two personality traits combined with their intuition for understanding the functioning of machines and systems make them very practical.

They are also very creative within their practical approach and enjoy experimenting and trying new ways of doing things while on a project. For this reason, they dislike schedules and plans and instead place great importance on personal freedom and spontaneity. They are hard workers, but they like to do the work at their own pace.

ISTPs' creativity is always geared toward technical knowledge. Theoretical or abstract concepts can quickly bore them. They prefer to learn by doing it rather than by reading or hearing about it.

As introverts, they find their energy within themselves instead of externally through social interactions. They are helpful and kind to others but prefer to work alone and independently. Crafters are very reserved and seldom share information about their personal lives with new people. They simply prefer action over talk.

Although they are frequently bored and have a reserved demeanor, they love strong emotions. ISTPs are risk-takers and thrill-seekers and frequently engage in extreme sports and activities.

The strengths

Good in situations of crisis

Crafters can perform very well in situations of crisis when others would be at loss about what to do. 

Since they are flexible and like spontaneity, ISTPs are not taken aback by any sudden change. They are level-headed and face the problem right away most practically and efficiently. They always analyze situations from a rational perspective and make judgments based on objective criteria.


People with an ISTP personality type do not engage in activities simply for the sake of it. To the outsider, they may look uninterested and detached but they are always on the lookout for a new project that incites their curiosity. And once they find one, they dedicate themselves completely to it.

They dislike having schedules and organization because they do not need them. If a project picks their interest, they become self-motivated and do not need others telling them what to do.


ISTPs are drawn to technical knowledge because their logical and rational mind can intuitively understand how mechanical things work. They also tend to be very good at handling tools.

This combination makes them very versatile and capable in whichever project they engage in.

Creative and resourceful

Crafters are often inventors because their creativity is impregnated with a sense of practicality and functionality. They look at a mechanical system and wonder what they can do to improve it and make it more efficient, or if it is possible to add other features to it.

If they lack the right tools or resources when performing a task, they also engage their creativity to look for possible alternatives that could even potentially work better than the traditional method. 

The weaknesses

Dislike commitment

ISTPs like to be flexible and to have the freedom to experiment and explore. They tend to be averse to commitment because it normally implies putting a deadline on their work and restricting their freedom. 

Crafters do not like order and predictability. They prefer to live in the present and treat the future as something exciting and surprising.

Easily bored

Those who prefer the ISTP personality also prefer activities and projects that are hands-on. They enjoy the thrill of exploring and experimenting with different mechanisms as well as exciting sports in which they can take risks. 

When they are not doing one or the other, Crafters get bored. They dislike theoretical concepts, daydreaming, abstract thinking, and, most of all, the routine. This is one of the reasons why they live day by day. They always hope that by keeping their options open exciting new things might come their way.

Defensive about their lifestyle

ISTPs are normally very relaxed and open-minded people. Despite not having good social skills, they still get along well with everyone due to their accepting and calm demeanor. 

It is very hard to make a Crafter angry. Their calm attitude combined with their frequent boredom even tends to make them almost apathetic. 

However, there is one subject capable of making them lose their temper and it is their lifestyle. They dislike people questioning them about their approach to life and even more so when they try to make them change their ways. Anyone trying to impose order and restrict the freedom of an individual with an ISTP personality should brace themselves for confrontation.