9 Tips to improve your personality

Having a “good personality” is often crucial to integrate into society and be successful both professionally and personally. Even if our personality is what makes us unique, it is undeniable that certain traits tend to attract people while others shun them away. Being someone charismatic can even surpass having good looks. But if you are looking to improve your personality it is likely that you already understand this. Although you should not be looking into changing your personality completely, there are certain traits that you can work upon to make yourself more attractive and appealing to others.
improve your personality

1. Become a good listener

Being a good listener is a charming personality trait that draws other people into you. When you give your undivided attention to someone and show interest in what they are saying by posing questions and commenting on their ideas you make them feel special and you will be cultivating a trusting relationship. People are more likely to come to you and open up about their worries but also about new opportunities and possibilities that can have a positive effect on your life as well.

Listening also helps to avoid misunderstandings and improves communication overall. For once, you will receive the message more clearly and directly. By listening attentively you might also begin to understand the other person’s personality and background which in turn will help you generate empathy and comprehend where their ideas come from.

2. Expand your interests

Openness to experience is one of the most valuable personality traits. This includes being open to learning and discovering new things and, in turn, expanding your circle of interests. The more you know, the more topics of conversation you will have, and the higher the chance of finding points in common with more people. You will seem and be more approachable, knowledgeable, and educated.

Read more, watch more movies and documentaries, get yourself immersed in a new culture or activities. Be open to novelty.

3. Work on your empathy and spread praise

You have certainly heard before some people saying that they are disliked because of their honesty and bluntness. Or maybe you have used this excuse yourself.

The truth is that they tend to cause antipathy towards themselves not because of what they are saying but because of how they are saying it. They lack empathy in their social interactions.No one likes to be called out or having failures pointing out to them. 

You can improve your personality in this aspect by adopting a positive attitude. Do not only point out the negatives. Give praise where praise is due. Let the others know that you value them and that you recognize their work and their interests. 

When the time to be direct and deliver bad news comes, your directness is more likely to be received as constructive criticism rather than an attack. 

4. Be more confident

Stand up straight and walk with your head held high. Posture can make a big difference in the way you are perceived by others and can work to improve your own perception of yourself. Fake it until you make it, if you must.

You can also improve your personality and your overall confidence by fully embracing your strengths and weaknesses and adopting a positive attitude. There is always room for improvement and to learn. 

Do not pretend that you know everything. This will only generate anxiety and make others see you as unreliable because we all know that no one knows it all. Admit that you do not know… yet. And get yourself to learn as much about it as possible right away.

This approach will make you seem more reliable and will show you that you have the potential to do anything you set your mind to, which in turn will improve your confidence.

5. Improve your communication skills

You might be a very interesting, knowledgeable, and educated person that could dazzle any date or boss in no time but if you lack the communication skills, it might all be for nothing. 

Constantly stopping midsentence, using excessive filler words (“hmm”, “like”, “you know”), and mixing ideas and arguments can prevent you from grasping the attention of your conversational partner and can transmit the idea that you are not proficient in the subject. 

Take a deep breath and think before you speak. Structure what you want to say in your mind and then convey it clearly. It is better to speak slowly but with confidence than trying to rush and jumble everything together.

6. Cultivate a positive attitude

No one likes to be around someone who is constantly whining and complaining. Their negativity can disrupt any joyful moment and drain the energy of everyone around them. Furthermore, that negativity also affects their personality and they tend to feel miserable and unhappy.

If you want to improve your personality you need to work on your approach to problems. As the saying goes “it's no use crying over spilled milk”. Instead of focusing on the downsides, take a proactive approach and try to actively find solutions for the problems. If it is not a problem per se but a misfortune, try to look at it from a positive perspective.

Your partner broke up with you? Sad, but at least you will not have to pretend to like their mother again. Plus, you will not have to spend money on Valentine’s Day gifts. Were you fired? Now you have the time to do that thing you have been wanting to do for a long time but did not have the time.

7. Have integrity

Be true to your word and treat yourself and others with respect. Having integrity is one of the most valuable personality traits and one that brings admiration and respect from others too.

A person with integrity is perceived as trustworthy and reliable.

8. Speak up

One of the ways to improve your personality is by showing that you have one. Speak up. Give your input, make suggestions, debate with others, and show confidence. People who do not have an opinion on anything are easily forgotten or dismissed. 

Social interactions become more stimulating and interesting when the intervenients share their different perspectives and points of view.

9. Be yourself

The point of these tips is to help you improve your personality, not change it. Each person is unique in their own way due to their particular combination of traits. That is what makes them special and worth getting to know and interact with.

If you change your personality to fit in or if you try to simply imitate someone else you lose your authenticity. In all probability you will not be happy nor will you ever have a sense of fulfillment. 

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